Dressing Room

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Request an offer

Request an offer from our colleague, Peter, at +36 70 312 9763 or leave a message using the following form:


The store has an online shop as well, and we manage their Facebook presence, and we took photos of their shop and their cool clothes. Aside from their Facebook page, we also manage their Instagram, directly targeting foreign audiences in Budapest.
But pretty soon, it turned out that having a Hungarian customer base is just as important as marketing to foreigners, and we have been moving the marketing efforts in this direction ever since.


The Dressing room is a vintage second-hand clothes store in Budapest’s inner part where the customer base is mainly foreign.


Perhaps the most challenging thing was to make a perfect logo that reflects the store’s youthful, dynamic nature, and the vintage things for sale, and the eclectic appearance of the store.

The company also wishes to breathe new life into their old website, and we are going to help them achieve this goal as well.