Remarketing strategies

Remarketing is a very special kind of marketing activity, which targets people who have already been to our website, and who are familiar with our product or service, whether or not they are customers or clients. The goal is to reach them again and again with our marketing, but on different topics or through different platforms. We do this so as to convince the audience to use our service or buy our product again, or to become a client.
We now have many, quite refined ways of doing this.

- It’s important to NOT present the same product or service in the same light over and over again, but to show them something cheaper, or something better, or something different in the same price range
- If a client or customer decides not to shop, that’s okay, just make sure that their product remains in their cart when they come back to the website
- It is a good idea to give little presents, freebies and bonuses for returning customers, and to present complimentary products to the client
- Presenting new products that are related to a previous purchase is always a good idea
- People who subscribe to the newsletter should get special treatment, and should be given discounts
- Don’t just bombard them on one platform, use a variety of marketing surfaces!


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