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Request an offer

Request an offer from our colleague, Peter, at +36 70 312 9763 or leave a message using the following form:


We made an AdWords and a Facebook campaign for them, and we are still in the process of optimizing the campaigns.

The last two months saw an 8% decrease in bounce backs, the number of new and returning visitors has grown dramatically, and the amount of time spent on the actual website per visitor is also going up. There was a drastic increase in clients arriving from social media platforms, by about 140%, and direct searches for the company also increased by almost 70%.

We also noticed an interesting tendency: usually the visitors who come from campaigns come back and shop on the website in 10-12 days, so the conversion into real profits happens at around this time, and many more people come between 12 and 30 days of seeing the campaign.


We were introduced to Skandi Trend through a client, and after a very long bout of negotiations, we signed a contract for a three-month marketing campaign.


The company was just in the process of getting a new website, and we at White Elephant helped at every single turn, and acted as a go-between and mediator between the company and Skandi trend.