Kabiri Carpet Centre

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Since we got on board, they have seen a dramatic increase in traffic, the campaign has brought more than 7000 visitors per month to their business.

On the Facebook campaign, we first targeted the residents of elite neighbourhoods in Budapest, and to the friends of people who liked the Facebook page. This was later on expanded to include anyone within a 35 kilometre radius of Budapest, mainly elite professionals, with marketing efforts divided according to gender.

After the usual post engagement campaign, we also created a number of click campaigns: 2 that relate directly to the service offered generally, and one more that dealt with an actual, temporary discount on the website.

Our Facebook campaign reached 20-25 000 people, of which 300 visited the website, and one third of them spent 1:40 on it.   


Kabiri Carpet Centre is a company based in Budapest that deals with Persian and other Middle Eastern rugs, and we made a Facebook and an AdWords campaigns for them.

The AdWords campaign first consisted of ads meant to popularise their services, the different kinds of rugs they sell, and the world of carpets in general, then this was expanded to include 2 display campaigns and a Youtube commercial campaign as well. We also advertised their seasonal campaigns, for different discounts that they have from time to time.


To reach the target audience through Facebook and Google AdWords and move them to the website.