Wave Boathouses

The Wave Boathouses is a renewable 20th disctrict sport and leisure center in these days, cultural community place on the Pesterzsébet-side of Kis-Duna. The self-government of Pesterzsébet, in the 20th district requested us to make the Wave Boathouses’ website.

We made a responsive page with six menu bars, which gives place to every actual or past event and news, that is important in the project. 

It’s important to highlight three menu bars, which was created with unique solutions:

The specific feature of the Map menubar: it works on every device unobjectionably, because of a vectored, responsive solution.

The Story has also a totally responsive and dynamic timeline, which shows easily every important event and description fom the past and the future.

We created a unique design, which reflects the Boathouses’ wavy pattern perfectly.

The website came into existence with the co-operation of BLOKK and KUNSZT, where KUNSZT was responsible of the content, and BLOKK was responsible of the associate design.

The team for this project