Corinthia Hotel Budapest

We feel honoured to be managing the Facebook and Instagram accounts of two restaurants and the bar associated with the Hotel Corinthia Budapest.
At first we were only responsible for the marketing platforms of Le Bar, and the Brasserie&Atrium, which we assumed around a year ago. We took over the marketing from another company, and after a completely new set of market research, we restarted the company’s page.
Both restaurants and the bar are super high profile, meaning we can only market it to people who are interested in the genre, to cultured elites, and to expats.
We currently have the entire target audience covered with 3 posts per week, and we have gained 400 followers in around 2000 posts since March.
After a while, Corinthia decided to hand over the marketing to their other restaurant, Rickshaw to us as well, where we had to build up the marketing from scratch, they didn’t even have as much as a Facebook page. In less than 2 months, we gained more than 300 followers, and this number continues to grow exponentially.
The target audience is slightly different, as this an Asian fusion restaurant, so we had to add the people who like these kinds of restaurants to the roster, and also added people who speak an Asian language to our target audience as well.

The team for this project