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Request an offer

Request an offer from our colleague, Peter, at +36 70 312 9763 or leave a message using the following form:

At first Bengal Hostel only asked for a landing page – because they wanted to appear online as soon as possible – after that it was followed by the planning and the building of a responsive webpage.

We tailored the design to the existing logo, which mainly had pastel colours so we successfully created a muted but unique harmony on the site. The menu has only five parts, but it contains all the main information that can be important for the hostel.

We built MyAllocator into the page and linked it with Loventis which helps the receptionists’ work. 

All in all we made a sophisticatedly colourful but youthful and elegant webdesign with many practical built-in background applications, making the structure of the menu easy to manage and navigate.