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Request an offer

Request an offer from our colleague, Peter, at +36 70 312 9763 or leave a message using the following form:


On Facebook, we tried to find anyone who works in interior design, or who is interested in interior design, first focusing only on Budapest, and then we expanded their presence to include other bigger Hungarian cities and county capitals as well.

We reached around 35 000 clients per month, and managed to get around 150 likes per post.

Since the inception of our campaign, the website’s traffic has doubled, of which more than three quarters of the visitors are new recruits.    


Aste is a manufacturer producing material for furniture upholstering, we started to work together in August. We agreed on a complete social media campaign (Facebook and Instagram), and to manage their AdWords.


Constant optimization of AdWords keywords, reaching the target audience in the most effective way and forming them into potential customers.