Marketing „noise” during the Holiday season

Each year, the start of the Christmas season tends to creep ever earlier, and nowadays it is not uncommon to see Christmas lights and evergreen branches in shop windows in September, and the world of online marketing is quick to follow suit.
This season is abuzz with “marketing noise”, so consumers have a harder time finding the products they are looking for, and so do companies who are trying to reach their intended audience.
Small budget companies have a really difficult time competing with the ubiquitous advertising of the big companies, and often cannot afford to extend the “holiday season” by months at a time. This is why small companies need to invest in building a marketing campaign that is effective and gets through to the right audience, because seeing a return on investments is very important to a low budget company, and you do not want to spend all your money on a Christmas campaign.

Let’s see some of the tips that can help your small budget company be heard during this turbulent holiday season:

- Choosing the right time to launch the campaign:
Pick a time period most likely to return your investment, based on statistics from previous holiday seasons.

- Determine your target audience:
Find the strata of society that will go for your product, service or idea

- Be specific in your targeting:
Sometimes less is more: a smaller group can be cheaper to market to, and can see your ad often even if you are on a tight budget, and thus they have a bigger impact

- Plan ahead:
It is important to allocate funds for marketing efforts during the holiday season well in advance

- A well phrased ad:
You should not want to sell and only to sell with your ad. A too direct, too aggressive marketing campaign will reek of marketing, and will turn people off, instead of attracting sympathy and opening pocket books

- Creative efforts at the forefront:
Many times pictures have a much more direct effect on the customers than words. This does not mean that you do not need to spend time carefully wording your advertisements, but keep in mind: a picture is worth a thousand words….

By keeping these helpful tips in mind, you will be able to make a much more effective campaign, and can really boost your company’s earnings in that all-important last quarter!

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