Facebook live, 360 video, Instagram stories, Twitter moments

Social media platforms and applications has just recently seen many new visual upgrades, which can make our own marketing platforms and surfaces more interesting and interactive. Here’s a short overview of them.
Facebook live can make a live video of an event as it is unfolding, and can be viewed live in real time, and can be viewed in your feed afterwards. This is a sensational marketing opportunity for companies that want to have some sort of expo or show of their products to new or old fans. This works amazingly well with fashion shows and clothing related content, or with advertising for a community meeting or event, or for interviews.
Although 360 panorama photos are nothing new to Facebook, being able to upload 360 videos is a new innovation that has very obvious marketing uses.
Instagram stories borrowed a page form the Snapchat book, and you can make 10 second videos or photos with this application. You can use stickers and emojis, and you can check who has seen your post.
Twitter moments is relatively new, and can basically link up several tweets into a “moment”. This can help you be more up to date on things that are currently trending.


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